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Aala recording is not a commercial studio per say. It is our passion. Yes we have day jobs, so we like to pick and choose projects of interest. Most of our projects come to us as word of mouth references from artists and professionals who have already had a very positive experience with us....Tom Lelli and Gary Meyerburg

 How we do it:

  • We support local musicians.
  • We never let anybody leave unhappy with their music.
  • Pre-production and preparation is the key on both sides. We like the artist to come in well rehearsed and knowing what they want to do. We in turn will be set up and get sounds very fast so the time in the studio is spent on recording, not setting up and getting ready to record.
  • We always start a project with a meeting to just talk about musical interests, vision for a possible project and informing the artist on our vision of how we like to work and accommodate an artist. Budget can be in that conversation. Contact us through our website if you have interest in working with us and we will get back to you right away.
  • Our approach is based on creating a great vibe and creative situation where the artists can relax and just get their music out. 
  • We like to record all the basic tracks with all the main musicians playing together in the same room. We can get a lot of tracks done in one day with great results.
  • We keep it simple, We have great sounding rooms, instruments, amps and use high quality recording gear. Sounds are easy to obtain. We don't waste 3 hours getting a drum sound.
  • We don't use pro tools or autotune, only a 24 track Radar 6 recorder and analogue console for an old school workflow which produces results fast if you come prepared. No fixing everything in the mix. No piecing together 30 guitar tracks to get one usable take. We just do the song/take over until its right.
  • We also do live on location recording.
  • All files can easily be exported as Bwav files for use at other studios or on other systems.