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 The How and Why - Dedicated to my dad

My Dad and I

What started out many years ago as a passion and fun place to jam with friends eventually became a project studio for some of Maui`s most talented musicians to record their music. How did that happen? I think it was a case of "if you build it they will come". I have always loved music, I was introduced to my Dads jazz and blues record collection at an early age. We continued to listen and enjoy music together throughout our lives.

I got into playing guitar about 25 years ago after playing drums as a kid. I jammed every week with a few friends and got into recording every single jam. I eventually built a playroom in my house and slowly got into recording every single jam. When my dad passed I decided life is too short and to go all in and built out my jamming/recording room into the full blown project studio it is now.

First it was cassette, then reel to reel, ADAT, AlesisHd24 track hard disk and now Radar 6. All the other gear grew too. Guitars, tube amps, pre amps, compressors, drums and all the trimmings! I basically taught myself how to record and mix through years of trial and error. What a long strange wonderful trip it has been.

Being around musical people all the time I eventually started to record people on a professional level. My first really big time project being Bob Jones who was an original member of We Five. He also toured and played with the Mike Bloomfield for 10 years. I remember sitting at the console on the first day of tracking his project "Michael and Me" (which would become a 2 year labor of love) and thinking, God I hope I don't screw this up! In the end it was a wonderful experience that taught me so much and I realized how much I enjoyed capturing the magic and creativity of good musicians playing together!, just like the old days. I loved being part of that process and it is how we do all of our projects.

We have had the pleasure to work with many talented players, engineers and producers, Billy Duffy, Kris Kristofferson, Bob Jones, Lily Meola, Micah Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Bob Rock, Gary Meyerburg, Dave Tucciarone, Kuwela, The Billy Walton Band, Pamela Polland, Mike Buono, Jack Mittleman, Jonathan Ferguson, Steve Zuwala, Nils Rosenblad, Tim Hackbarth, Jimi Bott, Rick Vito, Fulton Tashombe, Gilbert Emata, Steve Grimes, Greg Marsh, Felicity Raugust, James Somera, Mark Johnston, Marcus Johnson and Marty Dread to name a few.

Special thanks to great friends: Gary Meyerburg for the design of the rooms and installation of all things gear, Alan Hyatt and PMI Audio for our crazy good sounding Tonelux 32 channel console which is at the heart of the studio and Olaf Mitchell and Tom Krebs for the actual building of the studio.

Over the years we have helped make some great music  BUT most importantly have made many new musical friends along the way, and I am blessed for that....mahalo Tom Lelli