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Lily Meola Sessions with Micah Nelson as producer 

We have just finished tracking for a great project with local singer Lily Meola. This project was produced by Micah Nelson and engineered by Gary Meyerburg. The sessions were so much fun, great vibe, awesome players and crazy creativity going on.

In the end we captured some magical tracks. Marcus Johnson on electric and standup bass, Micah Nelson on drums, some guitars and other crazy things like a bowed one string acoustic! Also Tom Conway on most guitars, Mark Johnston on keyboards and Hammond, Lukas Nelson vocal on a duet with Lily, Marty dread on backing vocals and Wen Lu on violin. Of course the incomparable Lily meola on Lead vocals.

I first met and heard Lily when Bob Rock brought her over to the studio do a few vocal over dubs for a project he was doing with her. I was floored when I first heard her vocals coming through the control room speakers, she wasn't even 20 yet but sang with years of experience. We are grateful and blessed that Bob Rock along with the Nelson family trusted us to do her new project here at Aala Recording.

Micah was a joy to work with. he was professional, full of energy, raw talent, creativity and fun. It made for such an enjoyable experience along with my good friend Gary Meyerburg who rocked the engineering and made the sessions flow as smoothly and fast as they possible could. Gary also brought his considerable wealth of experience and talent to the project. The raw tracks sound fantastic and I am looking forward to hearing what the mixing brings forth in the final tracks.This is gonna be a good one....Projects like this are why I built the studio in the first place!

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