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Billy Walton Location Recording Summer 2014

Well I am back in Jersey this summer traveling around with The Billy Walton Band again recoording all thier live shows after their new release "Wish For What You Want" and return from the tour of UK and Germany. The band is tight and hotter than ever and they also have a new horn section. Having a great time and capturing some awesome tracks.
My mobile rig for the summer.
Sound Device 788TSD 8 track recorder
Royer SF12
Josephson E22s
Bock 195 FET
Shure 57
Radial DI
Beyerdynamic M201
Ipad with CL-WIFI 
Cables and Latch Lake stand
I am documenting this years tour so follow the developments here if interested:
The 2013 Live CD is being released this friday June 11..."Live at The jersey Shore 2013"

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