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Mixing Billy Walton Live Summer 2013 Begins In Earnest

With 7 shows recorded at about 3 to 4 hours each you can imagine the number of tracks that need to be listened too and eventually mixed. I have done rough mixes of all the shows to see what challenges lie ahead for each one when it comes to mixing and also so we can evaluate the tracks that Billy and the band  want to include on the Live CD. There are multiple versions of most of their originals and some really good covers tunes done Billy Walton style!



Billy Walton - Guitar and Lead Vocals

Richie Taz - Saxaphone and backing vocals

William Paris - Bass and backing vocals

John D`Angelo - Drums and backing vocals

The venues ranged from large outside festivals on the beach to restuarants and bars up and down the jersey shore. My good buddy Kevin Jordan was my right hand man when it came to setting up and breaking down every gig. Most gigs we didnt have alot of time to get setup.

All shows were recorded on a Sound Devices 788t 8-track recorder run via my Ipad. Most shows had the follwing tracks recorded.

Room - AEA R84

Drum OH,s - Royer SF12

Kick - Beta 52

Guitar - SM57 or Beyer 201

Bass - Radial DI

Sax - Live feed from wireless mic in bell of sax

Vocal - SM58

This is the first serious mixing that I have done with the new Tonelux 3228 Console...so far so good.

...More to come!....

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