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My jersey summer with The Billy Walton band

It was a rough summer for me, as most of you know I went home to jersey for a visit and ended up there for 5 months with the passing of my father and the onset of alzhiemers with my mom. It was like a slow moving train wreck I could not get off. A truly life changing experience for me. Some good things did come out of it. I got reconnected with family I haven't seen for 20 plus years, they took me in like I never left, that was awesome and I would not have made it through without them.

I also got to meet a very special guitar player and entertainer and his band..Billy Walton. A really special talent....Think Stevie Ray Vaughn meets Bruce Springsteen with a touch of Adam Sandler. My cousins kids actually took me to a show one night and I ended up following the band all over jersey for the next four months. With all the things that were happening to me and my family,  it was nice to get away from it all and enjoy the music, it really soothed my soul during a trying time. Billy and the band were great, very friendly and always taking the time to hang and talk before during and after shows.

This is one great live band with awesome chemistry and tight as hell. They really know how to connect with their audience and played for 20 people with the same amount of passion, fun and enthusiasm as they did for 1000. Every show was different with great improvisation...I must have seen then 10 times and never got bored once, like I said a special band.

One I would love to get in my studio. I plan on building and bringing a mobile recording rig with me when I visit jersey next summer to capture some of that magic.....cant wait!...stay tuned!

Check out this impromtu vid



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