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Pono Dream Studio Project Underway..Tonelux!

Well it finally has begun. The project to upgrade the studio to the studio of my dreams. We are building out a new control room and going with a Tonelux console, which is one of the best in the business...I am very excited. I am working closely with my good friend Alan Hyatt who owns PMI and Tonelux. He has a talented crew including Paul Wolff who is the original owner and designer of Tonelux. Gary Meyerburg is leading the design and buildout of the control room and live room and I am sure he will deliver a great studio with a cool vibe. Olaf Mitchell and Tom Krebs will be the ones responsible to construct the studio and transform the room into the new dream studio.

Most of all I would like to thank my dad who passed away this summer. He gave me the means to do this and always encouraged me to follow my dreams, so this studio is dedicated to the memory of my dad and the person he was which inspires me daily.

More to come....!



 Control room framed out


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