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New Project with Catherine Loyer and Nils Rosenblad

I am starting a new project this summer with Catherine Loyer and Nils Rosenblad (guitarist on Bob Jones "Micheal and Me" project). We already layed down the basic tracks for a couple songs in December with Tim Hackbarth on bass and Mile Buono on drums. we hope to have Gilbert Emata on keyboards too. The vibe was awesome, the players were tight, the music sounded good and I hit the record button. What more can you ask for in a session.

Nils and Catherine have done some more writing and we hope to get together soon to tighten up the final arrangements and begin tracking. We plan to record all the basic tracks live in one room with some vocal and instrument over dubs to come after. Live players playing together in one room is my favorite way to record. Nils and I think this is the best way to capture the magic. Embrace the bleed!




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