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Hurdy Gurdy, Esraj and Bagpipes..OH MY!!

 Recently I had the chance to record some crazy instruments for Jack Mittleman who called me on a recommendation from Steve Grimes.

Jack is from Sweden and was visiting Maui and he met some cool players while he was here that played bagpipes, hurdy gurdy and Esraj. He wanted sounds and samples for his next project called "English River" so away we went!

I approached the bagpipes kinda like drums. I set the pipes under my drum setup, used two overheads (KM84) and one room mic and WALA...that was the best sound. Wow was it LOUD!!!

The Hurdy Gurdy is the coolest instrument, what a sound. Played by Don V. Lax.

The Esraj was at the other end of the spectrum, very quiet. Played by Ashana Sophia Morrow.

As usual, met and made some friends...aloha Tom



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